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Parcels of Autumn Joy

I thought I would share my weekend wabi-sabi kitchen fun, making mezzaluna pumpkin ravioli.

Instead of using a traditional pasta dough, these are more of a fusion between Ravioli and Tibetan Momos. They were so easy to make and cooked perfectly in the steamer.

For the dough simply combine-

3 Cups of Plain flour

1 Tsp Salt

2 Tsp Olive Oil

and enough water to knead into a smooth dough. It isn't necessary to

knead the dough for a long time.

Cover and let it rest while you make a filling.

I gently sautéd some local pumpkin until soft, then mashed and seasoned it well and set it aside to cool.

I rolled out each case individually, but next time I will roll and cut out from one sheet I think. Get your dough nice and thin; just a couple of mm or so.

I used a 9cm round lid to cut out my circles, and when I made up the parcels I added an extra cheeky little flavour burst of Ailsa’s homemade Chilli Jam from @coldilavacchio amongst the pumpkin, and sealed them up.

Use a little pastry or paint brush to wet the edge with water so that you get a good seal. As I finished each one I lay them on a tray sprinkled with semolina to avoid sticking.

Instead of boiling in water, where sometimes fresh ravioli can fall apart, gently oiling the colander and steaming them for 5-6 minutes cooked them perfectly!

I made a very basic cream sauce to accompany them with tempered brown mustard seeds and sautéed chopped fresh Curry leaves. Kind of South Indian style.

If I had been in Europe I would have made them with browned butter, crispy Sage leaves and Parmesan, but I have learned to improvise.

My mind boggles with how many possibilities there are for these plump little parcels!

I recommend giving them a go, with any kind of filling you fancy.

I just love how quick, easy and unfussy they are; when making fresh pasta feels a bit of a daunting or long winded weekend project, I found these guys hassle free.

I’m thinking about beetroot combos for some future colour fun. Please do let me know if you try out any brilliant new experimental fillings!

Sending out love for a golden Autumn. Let me know how you get on.

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1 Comment

Laura Nowell
Laura Nowell
Sep 18, 2021

Beautiful to read another enchanting window into your world! Much love xx

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