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Basketry micro-adventure

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

My brother introduced me to the term Micro-Adventures the other day.

I guess the concept wasn’t new, but the reminder was profound- a great refresher to keep in mind for a happy life boost. Put a note on your fridge!

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the big picture.. your life goals that may do more to weigh you down than to inspire; how about discovering a fresh and joyful little micro-adventure to nourish your soul?

My interpretation of Micro-Adventure is a bit different to the original idea, but I believe it could simply be finding an experimental recipe to make, or taking a walk on an undiscovered path. Visit a new local town or place in nature. A tiny craft project.

For me, I like the idea of a weekly micro-adventure.. It’s almost like a date with yourself. What would you like to do this week? It’s a little reminder that life is a gift, and many of the greatest joys come from the simplest pleasures. Treat yourself to learning something new.

I hadn’t really thought about this until I was rummaging around in the garden on Saturday and I came across these wonderful long and fibrous dry leaves. Something immediately sang out inside of me “weaving!!” and low and behold I spent most of Sunday diving into the world of basket weaving and foraging for natural materials. My kind of micro adventure. I don’t think there is any better feeling than learning a new skill, knowing there are infinite possibilities at your fingertips.

I enjoyed watching the basket evolve as I went along- the relationship of my influence on the leaves, and them showing me how to flow. A meditation. Feeling guided. Going with my style- rustic and intuitive; playing without too many rules. It was so satisfying to find that with rudimentary skills I could complete my micro project in one day. I am already excited to start foraging for different materials and get cracking on a new piece!

What will be your next micro adventure?

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