Caï Fahrel was inspired by three chapters of my life; 

The Devonshire countryside of my childhood, running around in the long grasses by the meadow mill pond; 

Ten years living in the wild green mountains of northern Tuscany growing veggies and flowers, 

and the balmy winter months of life in a small Goan village.

My fabrics began as a visual journal of these memories.

Right now I am based in Rajasthan and focusing on ethical, small batch and sustainable production. Working and collaborating directly with independent local artisans.

Rajasthan is an incredibly rich melting pot of age old textile techniques and traditions I am ever more inspired by and eager to recreate through the vision of Caï Fahrel's own unique lens.

I am building long term respectful, creative relationships with fellow makers to express a fusion of our skills in evolving, hand crafted ways. That's my calling.


I hope you will enjoy being part of the journey. 

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