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A stitcher's gotta stitch.

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

An English country girl slow-living and slow-crafting in Rajasthan.

Kantha stitches, hand quilted stitches, moth design, woodblock print,

I’d like to invite you to make some stitches with me. To find some quiet moments for yourself. Discover the unique poetry in your fingertips.

Quilt, Stripes, needle and thread

My new labour of love is hand quilting this piece using a simple Kantha stitch, following the lines of my hand woodblock printed Moths in Blossom design.

I’m stitching the two layers together with some fine cotton batting using a lovely Oyster coloured Anchor Pearl thread. It’s going to be a fab double sided throw.

The fabrics were printed with the traditional Ajrakh resist method using clay and lime pastes and then soaked in natural Indigo dye. A collaboration between myself and the craftsmen of Rajasthan.

hand stitching, stripy cotton quilt,

This morning reaffirmed to me as I sat quietly sewing on the balcony that the more I have had to slow down with life and Caï Fahrel’s production this year, in fact the happier I have become.

Finding myself again as a maker and a craftswoman is bringing a lot of joy as I reframe my ideas of what I want to offer to the world.

Slow living, craft, and a country woman’s vision of the feminine, earthy, rustic home.

Balcony, city view, morning chai, rajasthan, sewing

My design journey has taught me more than ever this year that creativity will blossom when seemingly restricted, and that the best ideas are often born from what we may initially consider mistakes. It is all a gift.

I encourage you to pick up some cloth, needle, thread; and to play freely, with joy and without judgement. Just use what you have available and have fun. The possibilities of magic are infinite.

I can’t wait to show you the finished quilt!

Aaaand here she is!!

#quilting #slowliving #kantha #indigo

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