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Moth's Journey.

Updated: Nov 3, 2021


The gorgeous Oleander Hawkmoth.

Looking way back in my posts I realised that I started designing Moths in Blossom more than a year and a half ago.

To be fair; it's been quite an unusual 18 months hasn't it, but I have learnt through this that I actually like to sit with a pattern for a while; to tweak it and let the ideas change and grow.

Now that we are finally completing the first quilts ready to sell I take a look back at my first inspiration-

The moth is a symbol of faith, truth and determination.

A fond memory of a countryside childhood. My Spirit Animal.

This blushing beauty crossed my path and I knew I wanted to remember her in print.


Sometimes I start with sketching and paint, and then transfer to the computer. On other occasions visa versa... and then back again. Switching between the two mediums brings me a lot of satisfaction, variety and happiness and I can access the best advantages from both of these different worlds.


Raj Kumar is the master craftsman helping to bring my patterns to life with his incredibly fine and precise wood carving skills.

One of the first exciting moments in the production process is watching our talents in fusion together to create a new work. I couldn’t create my fabrics without him.

Some moments from the planning, love and work that go into making every Caï Fahrel quilt.



Shafira Banu is from the Kotwal community in Barmer, Rajasthan; known for their great quilt making and dairy farming.

Shafira has been making quilts for 30 years and her experience and skill are a great asset to us. I’m so happy she is part of our growing team of independent craftsmen and women.


I don’t know if I should say it, but i’m feeling so proud of Caï Fahrel’s new emerging collection, knowing now and understanding how long it can take to bring one “product” (I hate that word) to market; and the hundreds of hours of many people’s effort and time that brings just this one design to fruition at last. It swells my heart to see these first pieces of a new collection of quilts beautifully completed and soon ready to ship.


And now... time for chai!

Thank you always for your continued appreciation and support.

Sending out love.


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Laura Nowell
Laura Nowell
Jul 09, 2021

Just gorgeous to hear of the journey, inspiration & teamwork behind your beautiful creations. And the original moth - how extraordinary! x


Howard Voyce
Howard Voyce
Jul 07, 2021

It's just so amazing to watch real craftsmen and women at work .so much skill and dedication involved in producing beautiful pieces of what should be considered art .❤️

Sacha Leppard
Sacha Leppard
Jul 07, 2021
Replying to

Thanks so much for your appreciation and kind words Howard, it means a lot 💕🙏🏽

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