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White on White Hand Appliquéd cotton quilt

White on White Hand Appliquéd cotton quilt


This white on white appliqué quilt from Rajasthan is completely hand stitched. The technique is known as "cut-work", where the cotton is folded and cut into many different varieties of geometric snowflake-like patterns (like the ones you may have cut with paper as a child) and then hand sewn into place on the base layer. 

We took this piece to our quilting lady, who then filled it with pure cotton stuffing and hand stitched it into this gorgeous throw. 

No two cut-works are ever the same and I have just three pieces available in this batch. 

I love the delicate texture these quilts add to a bedroom, and the freshness of the white which also sits beautifully with the soft block printed patterns. It's a perfect excuse to layer up your winter bed! 

The dimension is 150cm x 225cm. Lovely over the end of a double bed, or as a single bed quilt.

Razai quilts are not made to be regularly washed, but it is safe to give a gentle machine wash at 30c and tumble dry when necessary.

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