Birds in Blossom, Midnight quilt

Birds in Blossom, Midnight quilt

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Birds in Blossom, Midnight quilt is made and filled with pure cotton; intricately woodblock printed and stitched by hand with a lovely backing in our signature stripe. Perfect as a cosy light summer quilt or a bed throw topper over your duvet.


Take care of your Caï Fahrel quilt and it will last for many years.

You can dry clean; or alternatively give a gentle, cool machine wash, spin, hang or tumble dry to fluff up. 


The Birds in Blossom pattern was imagined from sitting in the jungle countryside in Goa one hot springtime and watching Jet black Drongo birds sitting in a blossoming Kapok tree with stunning coral blooms. While the Kapok tree is in flower it has no leaves, which makes it's form all the more striking and with the silhouette of these lovely birds it was a vision that I couldn't forget!


Size 250cmx250cm